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Ugandan Rib Cracker, Ann Kaansime Speaks Of When She Lost Her Virginity

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ann-KansimeThe question about the time and with whom someone lost their virginity is not an easy one. As a matter of facts,the question is a very uncomfortable one and not every typical celebrity will be honest to share such details. But,not with Kaansime.

The top-ranked comedienne has proved that she can talk about anything in life. Anything as she recently opened up about her  “virginity loss” experience.

During a recent media interview with a Ugandan radio station,Kaansime openly narrates how horrible her first sex experience was.

Have grown as a notorious tomboy,Kaansime managed to stay clean and abstain from sex and the  peer pressure around her until when she joined  campus.

It is during her second year that she decided to experiment what she had long feared,sex. The  experience made her dump her then boyfriend and did not engage in sex again due to the ‘first-time’ experience which she calls painful and horrible.

She abstained there henceforth till she was done with school and met her new boyfriend,Mr Ojok.

Kaansime and Ojok are happily married to each other.


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