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Ugandan singer stranded in Ivory Coast says he’s broke and willing to sell his V8



Ugandan singer Edirisa Musuza popularly known as Eddy Kenzo has been stranded in Ivory Coast since mid-March following the ban on flights in the fight against COVID-19.

In an earlier post on social media, the singer claimed that he has gone broke and is barely surviving in Côte d’Ivoire.

Kenzo also said he is willing to sell his Toyota Land cruiser V8 to raise cash for his survival.

“I was watching the president adding more 21 days of which it helps the country but I need someone to send me money by Western Union in exchange for my car. Otherwise, my situation is worrying; These people eat things I have never seen before. I have a sensitive stomach and the food here is not my type. I only survive on Ugandan foods and I am just lucky that there is a lady here who cooks for me,” he said

In a twist of events, The Ugandan now claims that he is not broke as his earlier social media post on running out of cash may have suggested.

Kenzo, who is currently stuck in Ivory Coast following international lockdown and closure of airports, now, says that he was joking when he shared the post earlier.

Kenzo, instead said the statement was taken out of context and apologized for inconveniencing his fans and family.

“It was just a comedy. I was joking, but people took the joke so seriously because I used a sad picture. I am not sad. As you can see these other pictures below, I took yesterday I’m not happy to be on foreign land and I spend a lot but still can solicit money through Facebook. I am not doing that bad. I am sorry for those this joke might have inconvenienced” he said