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Ugandan woman tired of being asked to get married, marries herself 

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By Annette Amondi

A 32 year old Ugandan woman has decided to marry herself after getting tired of her family’s constant lecturing on marriage.

Lulu Jemimah, a student at Oxford University planned a wedding complete with Invitation cards, a wedding dress and a cake.

She walked down the aisle in traditional wedding march and even gave a speech to her guests explaining the lack of a groom.

The entire day cost just £2 (Ksh265) which was for her taxi to the pub venue.

She managed to get the rest of her big day for free or as gifts from friends.

“I have a strong passion in life and I am committed to achieving my goals at becoming an academic. But all my family wanted to ask me was when I planned to get married – which is very important back in Uganda – followed by when I would be having children and starting a family,” she said when she was interviewed.

She narrated how the pressure from her family got to her prompting her decision.

“My father wrote my wedding speech when I turned 16. Every birthday my mother prayed for me and in recent years this has included a plea for a good husband.” She said

She added that her decision to marry herself angered her parents who did not attend her wedding.

“But I just didn’t want to think about walking up the aisle. It’s not the thing which keeps me up at night. Marriage is an expression of love and commitment, however for many people back home, it is still considered the only way to guarantee a woman’s financial security. I had worried about coming off as stupid but to have such a strong intellectual group of friends behind the idea, that was all the validation I needed for the choices I have made,” She added

She added that she visited her parents the next day but her dad maintained that he had nothing to say about the wedding.

“When we talked the next day, she was a bit confused and slightly hurt, but explained that by even wearing a wedding dress it proved I was ready for marriage, my father still maintains that he doesn’t know what to say.” Said Lulu

The wedding took place at Que Pasa pub in Uganda’s capital, Kampala.





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