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  • The young dance troupe received a standing ovation earning a place in the finals
  • The group earlier scored a first by receiving the golden buzzer in the middle of their performance
  • This sets them closer to walking away with the coveted £ 250,000 (1.2 b) with a showcase before the British Royal Family

High flying Ugandan young dance troupe, Ghetto Kids have scored big by earning a slot at the finals of the British Got Talent.

Dressed in blended Ankara outfits, the young dancers gave an electrifying performance with their set incorporating a grass thatched hut,a representation of Africa.

They also showcased their gymnastics power as two of the dancers held long wooden sticks with one of the dancer’s doing his act atop.

As their performance came to an end, the judges and the crowd gave them a standing ovation.

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Road To The Finals

Arguably one of the most famous Africa’s dance troupe’s, Ghetto kids made it the British Got Talent in their debut audition in the television reality show.

They became one of the performer’s to ever get a golden buzzer in the mid of a performance.

However, that didn’t make them stop their showpiece as they continued performing in a cloud of confetti.

Their performance then entailed one of their favorite dance routine’s followed by 2010 World Cup Anthem,Waka waka by Shakira and Mi Gente by J Balvin and Willy William.

They brought the king of pop music, Michael Jackson back to life with his crotch -grabbing dance style.

Reaching the finals makes Ghetto Kids closer to walking away with the coveted cash prize of £250,000 an equivalent of 1.2 b and a performance before the British Royal Family.

Formed in 2014 by Daudi Kavuma.The group comprises more than 30 homeless children living in an orphanage in suburbs of Makindiye in Kampala.

They made their big break when they featured in the song,Sitya Los by Ugandan superstar,Eddy Kenzo.

They’ve also made an appearance in Chris Brown’s video, Back To Love in 2019.

Best wishes to Ghetto kids.

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