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Uhuru asks Landlords to ease rent burden on Tenants

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President Uhuru Kenyatta has urged landlords to ease the rent burden on their tenants amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The president said it would only be fair if landlords considered their tenants whom they have housed for years and have never missed any rent payments.

“If someone has for years been your tenant and has never failed to pay rent it’s only logical that you reciprocate at this difficult time. This is a time for compassion and understanding,” the President said.

Speaking during a radio interview, the President also commended landlords who have come out to publicly waive rent for their tenants as they fight the Pandemic.

“I highly appreciate what some of our property owners are doing. Indeed we need to work and understand each other,” he said.

The president was on Tuesday morning interviewed on Kameme, Inooro and Coro FMs.

He called on Kenyans to adhere to the measures put in place by the government in a bid to fight the novel COVID-19.

“You are the doctor of your life. Please adhere to the protocols set out by the Ministry of Health to protect yourself and your loved ones. Prevention is better than cure. This disease is an unseen enemy and one cannot tell who has it or not, therefore it is for our own good that we change our lifestyle. We have to avoid shaking hands and social gatherings. I know it is not in our culture not to shake hands while greeting but please because of this dangerous disease we have to change. It doesn’t mean one doesn’t love you when they fail to shake hands but rather they are protecting you from this pandemic” he said



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