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  • The DP has previously launched attacks on Uhuru.
  • Gachagua says Mt Kenya tycoons are also in support.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has revealed that he is currently pursuing former President Uhuru Kenyatta in order to seek reconciliation and bury the hatchet.

Speaking to Inooro FM this morning, Gachagua emphasized the importance of unity within the Mt Kenya region, highlighting their desire to succeed in the upcoming 2027 general election.

“Uhuru was fronting Raila Odinga for the presidency but he lost. Regardless, we have decided to embrace him as our respectable son and statesman,”He said.

“As leaders from the region, we have also decided to stop fighting him and I’m planning to hold talks with him. I have asked everyone to accord him respect and I’m glad he has also been peaceful,”

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This move has come as a shock, given the history of political discord between Gachagua and Uhuru.

Uhuru’s Help

Their differences became apparent when Gachagua openly supported the candidature of the then Deputy President and current President, William Ruto, while Kenyatta threw his weight behind Azimio La Umoja coalition leader Raila Odinga during the 2022 general election.

Gachagua has long accused Uhuru Kenyatta of targeting him during his time as a Member of Parliament for supporting Ruto, alleging that the former President resorted to bringing up unfounded corruption charges against him and using various means to harass him.

Notably, Gachagua even claimed that security officers were sent to humiliate him at his Mathira home ahead of the 2022 general election.

Northlands farm Attack

However, in a surprising change of stance, Gachagua announced that he has instructed his supporters to cease their attacks on the former head of state.

Instead, he urged his followers to show respect to Uhuru Kenyatta and his family as they seek unity within the region

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Early this year some of the leaders who support the deputy president were accused of raiding Kenyatta family linked northland’s farm along the southern bypass.

This is in response to the anti government demos over the high cost of living that happened early this year and which the government alleged were being sponsored by the then head of state Uhuru Kenyatta.


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