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Uhuru Reveals Details Of His Tensed Meeting With Raila Before Handshake


President Uhuru Kenyatta has revealed how it took  them  hours  with Raila Odinga to start speaking to each other just before the famous handshake.

According to Uhuru, his meeting with Raila was so tensed that they only took tea and exchanged a little pleasantries before they started talking to each other in the closed door meeting.

‘‘Ehhee let me tell you it took  us 19 hours before we could agree. For the first one hour it was greetings  and what we could do was ask  one another how our families were doing and that’s all….’’ Uhuru revealed.

He said the report is about Kenyans ant not him and former premier Raila Odinga.

‘‘It was a difficult task  but we did it ,we looked at the genesis of all the problems , i can assure it was not the 2017 alone as Kenyans we must come together now’’ he said.

The president launched the report urging Kenyans to read and give out their views .