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Uhuru reveals his secret with Ruto on the BBI task force


President Uhuru Kenyatta today let in people on his secret with his Deputy William Ruto on the formation of the BBI task force.

Speaking during the launch of the document, Uhuru stated that Ruto helped him pick some of the task force members, information that many people were not aware of.

Uhuru at some point during his speech stated that he did not understand how Ruto abandoned their goals and started focusing on the 2022 race.

He even likened Ruto to an athlete who was running a relay race backwards.

“From Jubilee, I give thanks to him, because we were together… he just happened to lose focus and started focusing on 2022,” said Uhuru.

“Tutulize ball, hiyo bado itakuja… I was telling these leaders from Kisii about the relay race… but my brother William instead of focusing on finishing the race, he is turning back and running backwards,” said Uhuru.

This statement made Ruto stand from his seat and move to the podium where he whispered something on President Uhuru Kenyatta’s ears.