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Uhuru Sends Millie Odhiambo A Christmas Card


milly-odhiambo-card-2It is said that if you argue with a fool, they will drag you to their level  and beat you with experience. That must have been the inspiration behind Margret Kenyatta’s response to the Mbita Mp Milly Odhiambo who went berserk on Tuesday December 20th at the Parliament Premises where she called the President Uhuru Kenyatta all sorts name in an ouburst of anger as she expressed her frustrations for being denied access to parliament.

The first Lady who is known for her decorum and class chose to counter Millie’s attack on her husband by sending her a season’s greetings card, wishing her a Merry Christmas and prosperous new year, duly signed by her husband and her. Yes, and it even had a photo of the first couple. Sema kunyongwa! The card read in part;

“We share this holiday with all people of all persuasions because what we celebrate are cherished universal human impulses,”

Often what we see as our differences are only expressions of problems that can be resolved through a commitment to goodwill, love peace and unity,

 To you, your family and everyone you love, Happy Christmas and a wonderful new year.”

They say, photos speak a thousand words, if I was to caption the perfect shot of the president and his better half, it would probably say

“I might be fisi and mshenzi, but i’m still on the throne nikikula nyama, meza mate and take a chill pill”milly-odhiambo-card

Mukami Kanyi