• Uhuru urges those who want to leave Jubilee Party to do so peacefully, without causing strife and chaos
  • Former President Uhuru Kenyatta comes to the rescue of embattled Jubilee Party SG Jeremiah Kioni

There was a tense standoff at the Jubilee Party Headquarters in Kileleshwa this morning, as two factions within the party clashed over leadership.

The factions, led by East African Legislative Assembly Member of Parliament Kanini Kega and former Ndaragwa MP Jeremiah Kioni, were fighting for control of the party.

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Kioni, Kega clash

The clash erupted after Kega’s group was denied entry into the building and responded by throwing stones at the headquarters.

Kioni, who is the current Secretary-General of the Jubilee Party, has refused to step down in order to make way for Kega to take over.

 The issue of party leadership has been a contentious one, with the Jubilee Party’s National Executive Council replacing Kioni with Kega on 9th February this year.

Uhuru rescues Kioni

Former President Uhuru Kenyatta, who is the leader of the Jubilee Party, was forced to visit the party headquarters today to show that he was still in charge of the party.

“Na mimi nawashukuru kwa kulinda chama yenyu….na sisi hatuna vita na mtu tunalinda sisi chama yetu,na wale amabo hawataki waende….polisi wanashughuli nyingi sio kuja hapa ….halafu mko hapa kunyanganya watu Chama yao….kila mtu ako na haki yake,”Former President said while addressing the party’s supporters at the party Headquarters.

“So, I received a phone call from Kioni and was told of what had transpired. I came to stand with him and our followers. I have no other duty than to protect our people’s rights,”he added.

The situation has raised concerns about the stability of the Jubilee Party and its ability to effectively lead the country.

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The tensions within the party can be traced back to the 2022 elections, where a number of Members of Parliament who were supporting former President Uhuru Kenyatta under the Azimio La Umoja coalition decamped to President William Ruto’s side under the Kenya Kwanza movement.

They pledged to work with Ruto to better the country, leading to a rift within the Jubilee Party.

The police were called in to maintain law and order.

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