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Uhuru takes on Judiciary over BBI nullification


President Uhuru Kenyatta today took on the Judiciary saying it has tested Kenya’s constitutional spirit but not broken them.

The president cited the nullification of the 2017 General Elections and the recent rulling that stopped the constitution amendment through the BBI.

Speaking during Madraka Day celebrations, Uhuru stated that the law compels him to listen to the people of Kenya who are the sovereign voice.

“We initiated together with millions of Kenyans the BBI process that was meant to build bridges and create inclusive politics and end ethnic majoritariansm. Our constitution fellow Kenyans should not be a yoke around our necks but rather it should be a mighty sword can break the chains that limit all of us as citizens,” said Uhuru.

“The moral foundations of justice demands that the judiciary bears the burden of choice and the consequences especially when the burden of judicial choices is proposed to be carried out by people,” he stated.

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The president also took the opportunity to earmark his developments across the country.

According to the President Uhuru Kenyatta his government has built 25 hospitals in different countries to help make health services easily accessible to Kenyans.

The president also added that they have brought Dialysis machine in Siaya to help the patients who go to Kisumu monthly for their checkup.

“Today, I am happy to say that a patient from Siaya does not have to travel to Kisumu for treatment. There are dialysis machines in Siaya at sub-county level. Also the patients do not have to pay a lot of cash instead they should get a NHIF card at 500 that will stand for the dialysis,” said the president.