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  • Uhuru accuses government of Frustrating him
  • Government responds

Former President Uhuru Kenyatta has lashed out at the government for allegedly targeting his family, urging President William Ruto to face him head on instead.

The former President’s outburst comes in the wake of an incident where police reportedly stormed his son Jomo Kenyatta’s house in Karen

Speaking to reporters outside his son’s residence in Karen, a visibly angry Uhuru Kenyatta expressed his frustration over the government’s actions, accusing them of deliberately singling out his family members after his retirement from office.

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“All of these things are flowing in a row. I have a whole minister of government saying that he’s going to do I don’t know what in front of my mother’s house. I have people who have been guarding my mother for the last 50 years withdrawn at night. I have now a situation where my son’s home is being raided for things that I don’t understand,”

Uhuru said.

He condemned the recent withdrawal of security personnel from his mother’s property, which prompted her to seek private security services, making it apparent that he believes his family is being unfairly targeted.

“To you who think you can intimidate an old woman so that you can intimidate me and you think you can intimidate children so that you can intimidate; come for me,”

Uhuru warns Government

Daring the incumbent President William Ruto’s government to confront him directly, the former president defended his right to support any political candidate he chooses.

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“How many people in Kenya have licensed weapons even foreigners? Si we followed the procedure. So you withdrew their security so they are not supposed to defend themselves? What more do you want now?”

Jubilee Party Wrangles

He categorically denied any involvement in funding opposition protests concerning the rising cost of living in the country, denouncing the government’s attempt to link him to such activities.

He expressed his disappointment in the administration’s attempt to stage a coup within his own party, Jubilee, aiming to oust him from the leadership. While he had originally intended to hand over the party’s reins peacefully, he claimed that learning about the coup plans forced him to change his mind.

Kindiki Response

Shortly after the former president’s press conference, Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki issued a press release confirming an operation in Karen where 23 firearms were recovered from three homes. However, the statement did not explicitly mention any connection to the former president’s family.

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“Today afternoon, an operation has been going on targeting three homesteads within the Karen area where a total of 23 firearms, some of which are suspected to have been used in illegal activities are kept,”

part of the statement read.

The CS clarified that the operation aimed to seize firearms from individuals suspected of providing them to violent protesters during ongoing demonstrations.

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