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Uhuru’s 10-Point Pledge to Kenya

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Uhuru Kenyatta during the launch of the Jubilee manifesto in Kasarani

NAIROBI, 26 JUNE 2017, (PSCU) – President Kenyatta on Monday unveiled the Jubilee Party’s robust plan to continue Kenya’s journey to prosperity, centred on more jobs and rapid industrialisation.

The Jubilee Party Manifesto for 2017 was unveiled at a colourful ceremony at the Moi International Sports Centre, Kasarani, one of Kenya’s most iconic locations.

President Kenyatta set the stage by speaking to his Administration’s achievements in the last four and half years, which he said had set a firm foundation for the empowerment of Kenya’s 45-million-strong population.

“We wish to give you a Government that works with, and empowers the people. We will empower the 45 million people so that they can stand up for themselves without depending on the government and donors,” said the President.

The President listed achievements including the completion of the first phase of the Standard Gauge Railway, more than 7,000 kilometres of roads constructed since 2013, expanded electricity connection, enhanced generation and distribution of power, return of vehicle assembling plants, and improved global standing in terms of doing business among other milestones.

He said the focus of the Jubilee Government in the next five years will be to create more jobs and wealth through proper policies and financing to speed up the industrialisation of the country.

“Employment creation is at the heart of the next Jubilee administration’s priorities. We commit to creating at least 6.5 million jobs over five years to ensure that our people, particularly our youth, can secure and maintain good jobs that enable them to enjoy a decent life,” said the President.

On industrialisation the President said: “we are building a 21st Century hi-tech industrial revolution in Kenya. Our plan is to continue to develop our nation’s transport, ICT and energy infrastructure so that Kenya attracts global industry and, with it, a huge expansion in sustainable, high quality, hi-tech jobs for everyone, young and old.”

He said his Government’s record for the last four years is worthy of support.

“Nations are not built on dreams. They are built on visions that are turned into reality. In the last four years we have laid the foundation for our country to move to the next stage,” said the President.

The President said the Jubilee Party is committed to solving problems Kenyans face unlike the opposition which has offered nothing but blames and propaganda.

The party unveiled a 10 point plan to propel the country’s transformational development, anchored on three pillars.

Jubilee’s 10-point manifesto include:

– To create 1.3 million jobs every year and work with county governments to establish at least one industry in every county.

– To establish a government sponsored apprenticeship programme of up to 12 months for all university and TVET graduates.

– To double the number of vulnerable citizens supported through the cash transfer programme (Inua Jamii) from 700,000 to 1,400,000. This will include all citizens above the age of 70; in addition, all citizens above the age of 70 will obtain health insurance cover through the NHIF.

– To expand the free primary school programme to include free day public secondary schools in Kenya.

– To facilitate mass housing production of at least 500,000 affordable homes in 5 years across the country by working in partnership with financial institutions, private developers, manufacturers of building materials and cooperatives to deliver homes faster and reduce the cost of construction by at least 50%.

– To expand free maternity care to include government funded NHIF cover for every expectant mother for one year.

– To ensure every citizen is connected to reliable and affordable electricity (on or off-grid) by 2020.

– To expand food and agricultural production, double the fertiliser subsidy initiative, reducing the cost to farmers to less than Ksh1, 500. Expand the programme to include all crops with a resultant increase in production and support the expansion and capacity of local fertiliser manufacture.

– to complete the 57-large-scale dam construction programme, support small-holder agricultural irrigation and work with the private sector to enhance food and agricultural production on at least 1.2 million acres.

– To make government more transparent and accountable through the digitisation of all government procurement; expand and deliver e-government services through the growing network of Huduma Centres.

The President was enthused by progress so far.

“The difference between us and our competitors is like day and night. They are looking for leadership by blaming others we offer solutions problems that Kenyans face,” said the President Kenyatta.

Deputy President William Ruto said the Jubilee Manifesto is the best Kenyans can get from any party and builds on the progress achieved in the last four and half years.

“We have a superior plan that our competitors can only copy. We welcome them to copy because it is the best,” said the Deputy President.

Jubilee’s manifesto is anchored on the pillars of transforming Lives, transforming Society and transforming the Nation.

Under transforming lives pillar, the Jubilee Party promises to transform health services, provide education and training for the 21st Century and to provide affordable, decent housing for Kenyans, , ensuring safe and sufficient water for all, empowering youth, empowering women, promote sport, culture and the arts.

Under the Transforming Society pillar, the Jubilee Party promised to improve Governance, enhance justice and the fight against corruption, building a public service that is fit for service, building a united and cohesive nation, boost security and policing and continue support to devolution to bring government closer to the people.

Under the Transforming the Nation pillar, the Jubilee Party promises to take measures to make the economy more broad based, inclusive and modern, building Kenya’s infrastructure for the 21st century, to transform Kenya’s Industry – Build Kenya, Buy Kenya, continue with reforms on land, agriculture and the environment, develop the blue economy, strengthen foreign relations and trade and build Africa’s silicon savannah and continue making the tourism sector more vibrant.



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