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‘Ulioa $#*# na Rangi ya thao’ Aoko roasts men married to Slayqueens


Controversial media personality Maverick Aoko has fired shots at men who married their wives for their looks.

Taking to twitter, Aoko asked men if their wives are able to help their kids learn from home.

In the controversial post, Aoko said that some men simply married their omen for their ass and complexion and now their kids are suffering at home with schools closed.

“Now that kids are learning from home, do you have a wife who can help the kids with school work, ama ulioa matako na rangi ya thao. Ur girlfriend, can u have a discourse on contemporary issues ama ni nudes mnaitishana? Mwenye anataka depth asome gazeti?” she wrote

A section of men came out to echo her sentiments while one netizen in particular caught the attention of others.

Okindo Charles came out to express how he is disappointed in the wife who values gossiping more than taking care of their kids.

“Yangu amekaa tu kama mwizi. Just keeping her big eyes on me nikitoka yeye pia anatoka mbio kwa jirani. She value gossiping than the future of own kids nkt . I wish I knew.” He said