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Umoja residents hold overnight protests over demolitions

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Residents of Kwa Maji area in Umoja 3 last night held demonstrations to protest against the demolition of their houses by a private developer.

According to the residents, the company which deals with lands and property ambushed them in the middle of the night and started demolishing their houses.

They claim that the company did not give them a notice of eviction as required by the law.

Owners of the demolished houses claim that they bought the piece of land from the National Bank.


The owner claims that they have all the necessary documents to prove that they indeed bought the piece of land in Umoja 3 from National Bank.

“We are owners of some of those properties. We bought this land from the National Bank. We have a sale agreement we have receipts of payment, we have been there for the last 15 years,” stated one aggrieved owner who sought anonymity.

Ownership battles over the piece of land have been going on in court with a decision yet to be reached.

Victims of the Umoja 3 said demolition lit tyres on the road demanding that the private developer vacates the premises.

“We are calling upon the National Bank to come forward and resolve this issue. We have a sale agreement with National Bank and we were shown the mother title for this piece of land by the National Bank,” claimed the woman.

The piece of land initially belonged to one Sam Ongeri who took a loan in the 80s with the national Bank but then defaulted to pay it.

It is after the said Ongeri defaulted to pay the loan that the National Bank decided to sell the piece of land to the current owners.

“At least this is the history we were given by the National Bank before they sold us the land. So we have been dealing with the National Bank,” she stated.



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