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Umoja Residents Warn Land Cartels  Vow To Reclaim  All Grabbed Public Utilities



Umoja One residents are now calling for  quick justice over a parcel of land  located at Corner an amenity they say  private developers have ganged up to grab.

Addressing the media  after a court hearing ,the residents accused private developers of grabbing land in the area and depriving  Umoja residents the opportunity to have  social  amenities.

Led by area MCA Mark Mugambi  alias Ronaldo, the residents vowed not to move an inch adding that they shall ensure they battle the land cartels in area to reclaim back what belongs to the community.

‘‘This sides of Tena we still have an on-going case. They have grabbed everywhere in Umoja.. when Umoja was being developed there were spaces left for public utilities like halls,dispensaries and schools ,these people have grabbed almost everywhere …we shall not sit and celebrate injustices.’’ Ronaldo  said.

Meawhile the residents are happy with the commencement of the the hearings with hope that justice shall prevail at the end.

‘‘The person grabbing this place is well known..we have kids and right now they can not access any play ground  … let the courts give us justice,’’ they added.