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Umoja youth protest night demolitions

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Umoja 2 residents in Nairobi last night held demonstrations to protest against the demolition of their business premises.

The more than 90 youths who are artisans, carpenters and mechanics in the public utility land claim that their businesses were demolished without a notice.

The youth claim that they have only heard rumours that the piece of land is being cleared for the construction of a hospital.

“We are suspecting foul play here. Because if it is NMS that was consucting demolitions here, then we would be having bulldozers branded NMS,” cried the youth.

“The other thing is that these bulldozers have their number plates blocked, why is it so? Why are they conducting demolitions when everyone else is asleep?” he posed.

They have accused area MCA Joseph Ouma Ndonji of failing to protect them from the illegal demolitions.

“Our MCA is colluding with people who are frustrating us. Why is he not defending us? Has he been paid by the landgrabber?’ they posed.


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