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“Unaona nikipea auditor video clip to support the payment? Tuwache mihadarati” Sifuna tells Fred Omondi

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ODM secretary general has responded to comedian Fred Omondi after he claimed that Raila owes him cash 300k.

In an open letter on Saturday, Omondi narrated how he emceed at an ODM rally back in 2013 adding that he has not been paid now.

The comedian also added that his efforts to get the former premier’s attention have been constantly bared by his bodyguards.

“Baba. Am a Kenyan Artist. A Comedian, Mc, and Musician. This has nothing to do with Politics. Am just here for some small justice Baba, hope this finds you, because your people made sure I never reached you all these years whenever I demanded for what’s rightfully mine. @odingaraila Remember in 2013 when you ran for Presidency, your last rally was at Nyayo Stadium as H.E. Uhuru Kenyatta was at Uhuru Park, I was called upon to be part of ODM’s MCs that day alongside Dagoretti MP John Kiarie and Comedian Mdomo Baggy, @kiariejohn @__.mdomo.baggy__ who can confirm the same, and from the clips you can also tell I was there working. The agreement was Ksh.300,000 which I never received a coin to date. This picture above was the last time I saw you while performing @luofestival that was hosted by @jalangoo On this day I tried talking to you about it but your security made sure it was just a handshake, so I decided kutoa aibu na Orengo. I had just made a debut on @churchillshow and I was called upon because of my talent, which pays my bills, to Mc a political event. Most fellow artist advised me not to do it because of political n tribal rifts, but I did it because my tribe is Kenya and also that’s what puts food on my table. Its been seven years and the only proof I might have is the review of clips and my fellow MCs, because I was never paid and when I came to orange house I was told “Baba anapigania vitu kubwa, yangu ni ndogo” All am asking as a youth and an artist, nilipwe for my hustle. 7years down the line na hata staki interest, I just need what’s mine and as you say at the BBI rallies in the BBI report, “The youth will be given equal and ample opportunity to prosper” Baba how can I prosper na deni za Tala na fuliza😂, I know this was never brought to your attention so I hope this reaches you directly.” Read Omondi’s post

Following the news of Omondi’s letter, ODM’s secretary General Edwin Sifuna now says they have never received any proper documentation from Fred.

“I have never seen such an invoice. Many of these characters just make noise but when you ask for documentation hawana. Which is why they choose social media instead. If this is a supported expense by ODM I will pay it. Akuje anione,” Sifuna tweeted

While responding to a netizen, Sifuna also said he cannot present video clips to an auditor.

“Bro… We receive public funds. We are audited. So unaona nikipea auditor video clip to support the payment? Tuwache mihadarati

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