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Australia is likely to do away with King Charles as their Head of State according to a referendum which is planned to be held in 2025.

The monarchy loyalists in Australia mentioned that they are waiting and also preparing for a referendum on the country becoming a republic in two years.

The Australian government would tackle such a situation in two steps. First, they have to vote on whether or not to do away with the monarchy and the second step to determine how a new Head of State is chosen in the country.

Australia is among other countries such as Antigua and Jamaica, which are viewed as potential countries to become independent out of the 14 states where King Charles III is the Head of State.

About Australia

Australia is largely considered as a country though it can also be referred to a continent.

As a continent, comprises of twenty countries; Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, French Polynesia, Tonga, Niue, Kiribati, Fiji, Tokelau, Western Samoa, Wallis Futuna, Solomon Island, Tuvalu, Cocos, Keeling Island, Nauru, Cook Island, New Caledonia, Pitcairn Island and Vanuatu.

It functions as a democracy and a monarchy under King Charles.

It is the 6th largest country sitting on 7.688 million km² with a population of only 25.69M. It is surrounded by Pacific and the Indian ocean.

Britain colonized Australia between 1788-1901. They came in as guarding English settlements, then safeguarding Australian interests by maintaining civil order by suppressing resistance of the Aboriginal population to British settlement. Gradually it became a colony that now wants out!

Do you think United Kingdom will let them be?

By Denzel S. Ondijo


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