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University Lecturers Issue Another Strike Date To The Government


University Lecturers have given the government another 14 days to ensure they sign their pay deal failure to which they  shall issue a strike notice and paralyze learning in all public universities.

Speaking to the media Universities Academic Staff Union Secretary General says they have been duped by the government  and that they are now being forced to sign  unknown collective bargaining agreement which they never discussed.

‘‘Members in every chapter mobilize and tell dons that we shall have mother of all strikes after two weeks, tell them how our 28th October agreement has been mutilated by the government.’’ Wasonga said.

According to them they completed negotiation with the government last year OCT  but when they went to register the same with labour relations court the government disowned the document and sent an attorney to block it.

‘‘They participated in preparation of that CBA  but cs Magoha sent an attorney to block it sending mix signal…they now want us to sign a document they have mutilated,’’ he added.