University student found living with a missing 15 year old girl

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Police have arrested a 20-year old University student who was found co-habiting with a 15 year old girl in Gitambaya Kiambu County.

Peter Wanjohi a student at the Kenyatta University and the girl were taken by police to the Kagio Police Station.

The 15 year old girl had been reported missing by her parents in Kagio, Kirinyaga County.

“A 15-year-old girl who was reported missing a week ago from her parents home in Kagio, Kirinyaga County, was yesterday rescued by our officers based in Ruiru,” said the DCI.

According to the DCI, the girl’s parents said that they had received a shocking message from her that she would be in a holiday camp for a month.

Her distraught parents had received a shocking text message from her, that she would be in a holiday camp for a month.

“Both have since been handed over to the reporting station in Kagio, for further Police action,” said the DCI.