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University Students Defend Raila’s Mitumba Sentiments

Kenya University Students Organization has defended Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition Party candidate Raila Odinga after he proposed to ban the importation of Mitumba clothes.

KUSO Chairman Anthony Manyara says that the banning of Mitumba will pave way for promotion of textile industry in Kenya and that Mitumba traders will be given first priority on the trade.

 “I remember him saying that those clothes we were from mtumba some of them were worn by dead people which is true. It is better if we accept facts. What he says is that in his government we are going to promote locally made clothes. These are the same clothes that will be in gikomba,”Manyara said.

Manyara further stated that the move by Hon Raila will help in boost the economy of the country by promoting local textile.

“What we need to say is that Hon Raila is going to empower those people who are selling clothes to ensure that they sell clothes made by us Kenyans so that we boost our economy as a country and increase more revenue to the country,” Manyara added.


He bashed the Azimio opponents for criticizing Hon Raila without understanding what he meant by the statement.

“Some people especially our opponents took the word wrongly and call themselves wise people. They should be like comrades and be barometers of wisdom and know how to analyze words before jumping into conclusions. We also saw that some of the candidates went to gikomba to get the clothes to portray Hon. Raila as a bad person.”

By: Emmaline Owuor