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University Students Lay Down 4 Demands For Incoming Government

The National Students Caucus’ has laid out four demands for the government that will be formed after the August 9 General Elections.

The first demand that the caucus addressed by the new government to repeal the Universities Amendment Act that according to them has infringed the civic space.

Maxwell Magawi, the Caucus Presdident also wants the government that will come into place to also increase the funding of learning institutions.

“We have four major demands, the new government should expand the civic space for students, it should repeal the Universities Amendment Act that has affected this civic space,” says Magawi.

“We need to increase the funding of our learning institutions. Funding has been a major problem in many universities. You realise that when the funding is low, the quality of the man power produced will also be low,” he says.

Magawi has meanwhile asked politicians to start engaging students in meaningful leadership discussions to address the leadership gaps Kenya has.

 “Many political parties are engaging students for the media optics. They do not want to involve them in serious leadership issues.”

The National Students’ Caucus is a conglomerate of different student leaders across the country.

The overall mission of the Caucus is to expand the shrinking civic space within Kenyan universities and by extension the country.