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Untold story of still critically ill and bedridden DJ Lastborn

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By Claret Adhiambo

His mixes continue to blast speakers in clubs and other entertainment joints, entertaining Kenyans and lovers of reggae music.

The last time Kenyans heard of him was four years ago when news went viral that he had suffered a massive stroke and was hospitalized.

But unknown to many Kenyans is that Benson Ouma popularly known as DJ Lastborn, is still bed ridden and cannot function on his own.

In an exclusive interview with Ghetto Radio, DJ Lastborn’s sister Lilian Ouma says that in 2019 the turntablist suffered another stroke that affected his right side.

The second stroke mad Lastborn to lose his speech and also affected his right eye.

Lillian says that Lastborn is also unable to control his bowel movement and is dependent on diapers.

“When he first suffered stroke, he was able to do things on his own, he could walk and even talk. But when it reoccurred, it affected him completely, he could not talk or even feed himself,” said Lillian.

Lillian says that Lasborn currently depends on physiotherapy to manage his condition.

“If you see him now, you will still know that he has a problem because the second stroke affected his right side of the body,” she says.

After the first stroke Lillian was forced to move his brother to Mombasa in a bid to manage his condition.

When Lastborn suffered the second stroke, Lillian was forced to hire a caregiver who changes Lastborn’s diapers.

“See he is my brother, so I cannot bathe his and change his diapers, I had to get a caregiver who comes and changes his diapers every day,” she narrates.

“In 2017, we spent more than Ksh. 500,000. So currently I have been forced to get a physiotherapist who comes every day and charges Ksh. 1,000,” she says.

While Lilian appreciates Lastborn’s Friends for standing with him and helping him, she is appealing for more help.

“I appreciate Papa Chally and other deejays both in Kenya and those outside Kenya for helping. The burden has however become a bit much and I don’t want to overwhelm them by asking for help every day,” she said.

Lastborn has one daughter who is also set to join Form One.

To help DJ Lastborn you can reach out to his sister Lillian Ouma on 0722451891.


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