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‘Untouchable’ city tout intimidating witnesses

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The untouchable city tout that has been causing a stir online for allegedly assaulting two people who had refused to board his vehicle is back and this time to intimidate those who reported him.

This is according to activist Boniface Mwangi.

Mwangi is accusing the ‘untouchable’ tout Felix Mwingirwa of engineering the arrest of two of the people he assaulted.

The two who had reported the matter to Central Police Station are to be charged tomorrow at Milimani Law Court.

John Kariuki who was assaulted by Felix on 5th October 2016 had reported the matter at Central Police Station under the OB 03/05/10/2016.

Mwangi said the police recorded John’s statements and his witness and then, in a strange twist, John was arrested and detained at Central Police Station for two days. Following that intimidation, John was forced to drop the case.

On 30th January 2018. Felix assaulted a passenger, cracked his skull and left him for dead at a Nairobi bust terminus.

Wayne Wafula Msungu took photos and shared them on social media causing an uproar that forced police to release a statement that Felix is known to them as a serial offender and has three assault cases before court. Police arrested Felix but the whistleblower, Wayne, was threatened.

Felix was charged in court and despite being a serial offender, he was released on a Sh50,000 bond.

Mwangi now says that Felix has instigated the arrest of John Kariuki Mwaniki and John Kithinji, who were witnesses on the 30th January incident.

It is reported that the two Johns tried to help the passenger and both were assaulted. Kithinji reported his assault at Central Police station, OB number, 61/30/01/2018.

The activist went on to say that the tout is colluding with the police and brags about the police force being headed by his tribe hence making him untouchable.

“Kenya Police and the Meru route matatu operators are protecting Felix Mwingirwa. It’s alleged that Felix is the one who collects bribe money from all Tea Room shuttles and forwards it to the police. So, Felix is untouchable because he is the bribe collector of money that ends up as “protection fee” for the police. Police don’t want their money collector jailed and the shuttles are afraid of losing that link between them and the police.” He said

“Mwangi added that the police even go on to inform Felix anytime someone files a case against him.
So, this is how Felix operates; he assaults people, and then if you report to the police, they call to let him know that you have reported. The police, working together with Felix, frame the victims and lay bogus assault charges on them. Felix is walking around Tea Room saying no one can touch him because Japheth Koome, who is at police headquarters, and Mr George Kinoti, the Director of Criminal Investigations, are both Meru, just like him.

Tomorrow, two innocent men, Mwaniki and Kithinji, will be arraigned at Milimani Law Courts, charged with assaulting the man who assaulted them. #TeamCourage” He added






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