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UoN Professor Wants Pupils Taught In Mother Tongue

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Education experts are now pushing for the use of mother tongue in the early years of education.

Proffessor Nathan Oyori a professor of African linguistics and the Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Student Affairs at Nairobi University says early shift to English yields to shallow foundation to support learning across curriculum from upper Primary onward.

Oyori says in cases of cosmopolitan towns like Nairobi, the teachers should use the Kiswahili language in place of mother tongue.

English as a medium of instructions in schools has a challenge in that it pulls down the education performances of many of those who do not use it at home, particularly those who do not have a regular access to it outside the school.

Research findings show that if young learners are taught in their indigenous language rather than English, they are more likely to understand what they are learning and be more successful academically with benefits to education, the economy and society.

The CBC recommends that the curriculum for training teachers should have strategies and techniques for teaching Indigenous languages. They also advocate for sign language teachers to be posted in each primary school for inclusion of all.


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