UON students go on Rampage burn down hostel

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University of Nairobi, Main campus students locked down State House road on Monday evening to protest the alleged killing of one of their own.

The students took to the streets a few minutes before 7pm to protest the killing of one Kyte Ondeng’, who was allegedly  abducted outside the Main campus by unknown assailants on Wednesday March 4, before his body was found at the Kenyatta National Hospital.

Other sources claimed that Ondeng’ was allegedly beaten up and left for dead at central park.

On Monday evening, the students  carried the body to Chiromo mortuary before proceeding to torch the university’s custodian’s office minutes later, prompting the management to call  in the riot police.

Videos shared on social media and believed to be from the riots show scores of people believed to be the students lighting fires at the campus.

The students also set ablaze one of the abandoned hostels during the protests.