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  • Storm over Ezra FBI’s 5M mother’s house.
  • Many have since opined that the house is less expensive than the cited amount, they’ve also faulted its plan.
  • Ezra detached himself from his longest girlfriend before settling with a new beauty named Maureen, the former accused his ex-girlfriend for procuring several abortions.

FBI dancer turned gospel artist, Ezra has raised a storm over a 5M house he built for his mother in Runyenjes, Embu County. Many have since disputed the cited figure affirming that the house is of low budget, they’ve also faulted its plan terming it “Ordinary”.

Ezra had claimed that it took him six months to build the house.

The internet has been buzzing with reaction after the other. Indeed, constructing a house is not child’s play and Ezra earned a “thumbs up” for a job well done. His mother can now afford a decent place to call home.

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However, the 5M figure had rubbed many the wrong way. As a creative, Ezra was also faulted for not using his artistry in coming up with a more pleasing plan.

We camped on social media and sampled a few of the comments.

“Hii hata 1M iwezi fika”

“Maybe alibuy land and vitu za nyumba as a whole”

“Hizi ni porojo tu … What 5 Million can do that house shouldn’t look like that”

“Pesa za Uganda ama za Tanzania sababu sio 5M za Kenya kwenye zimejenga”

“Hii nyumba ilifanyiwa renovation tena ni zile za kitambo sana”



“Looks like a small dispensary, poor design and the cost hardly exceeds 700k, Anyway congratulations for building your mum’s house, blessings shall shower you”

Ezra FBI and current partner, Maureen PHOTO Courtesy


Ditched Longtime Girlfriend

Ezra and his longtime girlfriend, Instagram model Isha Raffi called it quits not long ago with both of them accusing each other of wrongdoing.

Isha alleged that Ezra was a cheater and also abusive.

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On the other hand, Ezra accused Isha of procuring multiple abortions.

Currently, Ezra is with a new beauty named Maureen and are expecting their first child together.

Ezra now joins the league of celebrities who have gifted their mothers with dwelling places. They’re namely: King Kaka, Timmy T Dat, Masauti, Joe Mfalme and Comedian YY among others.


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