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Up Coming Tanzanian Singer Lody Music, Trends With Break Up Song ‘Kubali’

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Fast rising Tanzanian Singer Alawi Omari Alawi commonly known as Lody Music is the talk of the town with his song ‘Kubali’ advocating for peaceful break up when love dies in a relationship.

We’ve had alot of negative happenings when lovebirds no longer see each other eye to eye, from suicide,Killings and bodily maimings increasing numbers of gender based violence .

The artist cleverly tackles this   phenomenon. “Amekuacha, umeachwa Kubali, kubali utampata wako mtapendana kwa dhati, amekuacha we, umeachwa Kubali mapenzi yanauma we” – You’ve been dumped accept, you’ll find your soul mate accept love hurts, is a loose translation of Lody Music’s chorus. “Usilazimishe utazeeka vibaya- don’t force love you’ll age poorly, “ Sings Lody Music in a soulful emotional vibe.

Musical Roots Runs In Family

The ‘Promise’ Singer attributes his love for music through his late father who was a Taarab singer and composer. He experienced fast hand compositions from his big man and fell in love with the craft.

“Kipaji changu cha kuimba nilitambua tangu nikiwa mdogo yaani sababu babangu alikuwa mtunzi wa Taarab marehemu tayari alishafariki so alikuwa anaandika andika mistari tukiwa nyumbani mi nilikuwa namwona… Ni mtunzi mzuri sana wa Taarab hiyo ikanipeleka mimi kujifunza vitu vingi sana,” he explained during an interview with Online Global Publishers.


Nandy And Marioo Leads Tanzanian Star’s In Promoting His Song

Following the release of the song, leading Tanzanian artist’s Nandy and Marioo were in the frontline sharing the new jam which has attracted quite a considerable number of viewership.

In two days it had already clocked more than 100k views, not a mean feat for an up and coming artist.

“Wasanii ambao wamejitokeza ni wengi kama jana i was surprised to see Nandy posting my song kwenye Instagram, tag tag nikaona nyingi tu… Ata Marioo niliona amepost, mtu kama Kusah ni watu ambao walicomment,” revealed Lody Music.

Reason Behind The Composition

He refuted claims of writing the song based on a personal experience disclosing that it happened to his producer and they discussed it’s laying down as a touchy issue which would relate well in a song.

He went ahead and pointed out daily failed relationships as a core theme. “Ni kitu ambacho kipo siku zote hilo swala la unayempenda kapenda mwingine na mwingine naye ana mwingine,” he added.

He’s in third year at a Daressalam college and has promised to release more soul touching music.


By Steve Osaka.


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