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Upcoming Artiste mocks Gabu of Punit says “He’s too local”


By Annette Amondi

Upcoming artiste Kyki recently dissed P unit member Gabu while on an interview on the Chipukeezy show.

Kyki challenged Gabu to show her atleast one artiste he had helped build a name t6hrough his record label, Kopakt recordz.

The female rapper, who shared that she has been signed to an international label,Blackmarket Records, said she can never be signed at Gabu’s record label  or by any other Kenyan artist for that matter.

“I can’t be signed by Gabu,” said the controversial rapper

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Gabu who was also in the same show had to deal with an awkward moment while on Live TV.

“He’s too local. So he can sign Fifi that’s OK. I will rather be signed by an international label than these local guys.” Said Kyki

The rapper went on to rubbish Gabu and other top Kenyan artists such as King Kaka who have started labels, claiming they limit their artist’s success.

According to her, once you sign such a deal, your success has been automatically capped to a certain level.

“They can’t let you surpass their level of success,Gabu, tell me? How many artists have you made so far more successful or as much successful as you? I don’t know even one. You see, Diamond Platnumz brought Harmonize in just two years. Rayvanny got a BET award even before Diamond. That’s the backing I’m talking about.” She said