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Uproar after ‘Pigwa Shoka’ song, Ezekiel Mutua calls for artiste’s arrest


Kenyans on social media have been angered after a group of youthful singer’s released a song dubbed ‘Pigwa shoka’ which glorifies violence against women.

In a series of posts, Kenyans called on Kenya Film Classification Board C.E.O Ezekiel Mutua to have the artistes’ arrested.

Ezekiel Mutua responded saying he has received complaints from Kenyans and asked the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to find and arrest the culprits behind the said song.

“We are following up to ensure that there is heightened surveillance on this kind of content. We have also alerted DCI to find the creators and producers of such content and ensure that they face the law,” he said

The moral cop also revealed that he has reached out to google which owns music platform Youtube, to have the song pulled down.

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“We alerted, which owns who committed to take action through their “Trusted Flaggers” office in Kenya. We are saddened by the delay, global platforms take long on such decisions as the global community policy standards differ from one jurisdiction to another” he said

Ezekiel Mutua now says his board has now been forced to go ham on producers who are capitalizing on controversy.

In most cases, it’s unscrupulous producers who are capitalizing on such controversy to make money. The young fellows doing this kind of content are seeking cheap publicity. Going forward, we will be ruthless on the producers of such content and DJs who give traction to such unacceptable content. We urge the @DCI- Kenya and to crack down on these hoodlums and urgently bring them to book,” said Mutua.

The artiste, Sheddy Empire through their Youtube page have issued an apology to the late Ivy Wangeci’s family saying their song was not about incitement.

The group, Kashni, Eazy e and BK Stubborn maintains that the song was purely out of creativity and vowed to pull down the song from youtube.

“We wish to express our sincere apology to Ivy’s family, her friends and Moi University fraternity. We do have sisters too and honestly we would not like any bad thing to happen to them. Our song was not about incitement and femicide as the media puts it. We were simply expressing our creativity. Our song was also not about Ivy.” said Sheddy Empire