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Uproar After Popular Akorino Model Touches Partner’s Private Parts In Public

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Popular Akorino makeup artist Carey Priscilla and husband Benito Muriu sent tongues wagging after they posted a video of themselves all cozy with Carey’s hands in her partner’s pants spanking him as they recorded themselves.

The young couple’s video sparked reaction online as people expressed their discomfort with their public display of affection which they deemed extreme.

The fact that the founder of Carey beauty is from the Akorino faith, opens her up to more criticism as her mode of dressing and how she lives her life are not in line with the typical customs of those who practice the faith.

Through blogger Edgar Obare’s page, an online user expressed her discomfort stating that the couple’s behavior was becoming too much.

“Their public display of affection is too much ama kitambaa kwa kichwa ni ya kulala ? ” asked the person.

Another one commented, “This wagithomo of Carey beauty and the husband the other day walikua bafu wakikulana sasa ni hii…kweli Mungu ana viumbe wengi.”

Carey posted a picture with her husband caressing each other on their Instagram page which seems to be a response to the complains saying it’s effortless love as they can’t keep hands to themselves.

“Damn! Seems we can’t keep hands to ourselves. Effortless Love. We can’t help it,” read the post.


The media personalities are not shy when it comes to showing their affection as they have a YouTube channel where they share intimate details of their relationship to their viewers and subscribers.

Priscilla shares pictures and videos passionately kissing her husband to her 127k followers on Instagram most of who enjoy the content although few still find it disturbing. Her rebellious nature and audacious lifestyle is an inspiration to some who find it refreshing to see her break stereotypes about her faith.

The content creator is not only a model but also an entrepreneur having founded the Carey beauty shop which she runs in Koinange. She is also an actor and a well-established makeup artist as she has worked with several celebrities such as Nadia Mukami.



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