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Uproar after video of two lovers beating one another surfaces


Kenyans have expressed mixed reaction over a video of a bodaboda operator caught going out with a school girl in Nyanza.

The video that has been going round since Monday shows the two lovers whip one another in the audience of area residents.

The two lovers, a bodaboda operator and a school girl were caught half naked in a room allegedly having sex.

Speaking in the Luo language, the onlookers are heard in the video telling the girl to beat the man harder for attempting to destroy her education by luring her out of school.

This is after the man has given the school girl six strokes of cane as instructed by the onlookers.

Some Kenyans have condemned the action saying the residents should have followed the law and taken the bodaboda operator to court for sleeping with a minor.

Some however commended it saying the act was justified and should serve as a lesson to other people going out with young girls and young girls going out with older men.