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  • Harmonize kissed his manager Jembe Jembe’s feet which was met with mixed reactions.
  • He was showing his love to Jembe for his unwavering support.
  • Harmonize promised fans of Ibraah’s mega return.

Bongo sensation Harmonize over the weekend kissed the feet of his manager Jembe Jembe causing an uproar.

Many opined that the Konde Gang president was going against God and bowing to a fellow human being.

A section also felt that Harmonize ought to have bowed to Diamond his former boss for illuminating his career.

For the Nitaubeba singer, he was simply showing his gratitude to Jembe for his unwavering support.

Harmonize reminded all and sundry that whenever they see him or hear about Konde Gang, all is thanks to Jembe’s workmanship.

“That’s my brother, that’s my boss that’s my family…ukiskia Konde Gang basi kichwa cha Konde Gang ni Jembe I love you so much” said Harmonize as he bowed and Kissed Jembe’s feet.

According to Harmonize, family is not just the people you share the same bloodline with but the people who offer you a helping hand when in need.

He added that Jembe has been there for him through thick and thin and he was more of family.

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Ibraah’s Mega Comeback

Harmonize further disclosed that Ibraah was making a never seen comeback in the bongo flava industry.

The Konde Gang’s first signee has been having issues with his music distribution company affecting his royalty earnings.

He went off radar for quite some time until just recently when he made a comeback.

Already out is his song ‘Hapa’ doing considerably well.

Harmonize revealed that Ibraah has countless of songs which will be blessing ears as days go by.

He summed up by affirming that the month of October was Ibraah’s moment of shining through new music.

“Nimempa mwezi mzima October angurume aachie magoma” he stated partly.

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