Uproar as mysterious disease making students unable to walk hits St. Anne’s Girls

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Students of St. Anne’s Buyangu Girl’s in Vihiga County are living in fear following the outbreak of a mysterious disease in the school.

The unknown illness reportedly starts with a bruise on the feet and around the leg then quickly spreads severe pain up on the waist.

So far a total of 15 students have been affected.

Reports indicate that several students in the school are ailing from the disease are still being held at the school without proper medication.

One student who spoke to Ghetto Radio news on condition of anonymity says that her parents were allowed to pick her after she sent them a distress call about her condition.

She claims that by the time she was being picked, she was unable to attend classes, shower and was being carried in and out of the dormitory.

“I’m a form one student at St. Anne’s Buyangu. I am not in a position to walk well and am feeling a lot of pain in my legs up my waist. I started experiencing this illness second week of opening but when I went for medication I was told it has no cure,” explained one of the students.

“When we were in school, the principal did not want us to come back home.We just forces her to call our parents so that we can be allowed to go home because we were hurting so much. She called our parents and I came home while others remained in the dormitory,” she stated.

Mary Atieno a parent at St. Anne’s Girls says that she was shocked at the state her daughter was in when she went to pick her.

“My child told me she is a serious pain from legs up waist, and it look like a stroke. It is also alleged that other 15 students undergoing the same condition are held in the dormitory,” she added.

“The child was not in a position to walk, legs turned white and she doesn’t allow anyone to touch those parts,” she stated.

Esther Atieno another parent has appealed to the government to look into the matter and also find a long lasting solution.

She also wants the school to explain to them what is happening why they have not alerted parents.

The school’s Deputy Principal Arnerico Makokha has however denied claims that there is such an illness in the school.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio News, Makokha stated that the malicious claims being peddled that there is a disease at the school are being peddled by bloggers.