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Uproar As Police Attack, Destroy Property Of Youths In Eastleigh


A group of youths in Nairobi’s Eastleigh area yesterday suffered injuries following and attack by people suspected to be police officers from Pangani Police Station.

The youths say the incident happened at around 7 PM just a few hours after the same officers demolished their business premise.

The youths claim that the police officers who brought down their toilet business and vandalized their tanks are being used by a private developer who is building an apartment next to the premise.

The group’s Chairman Mohamed Ismail says the private developer has for a long time had an interest in the space hence the harassment and eviction.

Ismail further says that the private developer has even attempted to use the Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company and the area chief to no success hence the use of violence.

The youth leaders are planning to seek justice for the youths by writing both to the county government and the National government as the youths affected are left jobless.  Pangani police are accused beating innocent youths at the area as early as 7 at night.