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  • Uproar as police shut down Popcaan’s ‘Unruly Fest’.
  • Sean Paul, Quavo and Skillibeng are among A-list stars who graced the event.
  • This was the return of ‘Unruly Fest’ since the corona pandemic.

Anger and disappointment was written when Jamaican police shut down Popcaan’s ‘Unruly Fest’ prematurely on Saturday morning.

According to the law enforcers, Popcaan and his team needed to end their show or face dire consequences.

The concert had kicked off on Friday evening which saw hundreds of music lovers turn up.

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However, performances began late into the night spreading into wee hours of Saturday.

Skillibeng performance at this years ‘Unruly Fest’ PHOTO Courtesy


Star Studded Showpiece

This years ‘Unruly Fest’ brought together a host of who is who in the entertainment industry.

Among the notable names present were Quavo, Skillibeng, Jesse Royal, Protoje, Govana and Sean Paul.

Despite the concert being more of a dancehall vibe, music lovers were captured enjoying Hip Hop tunes from Migos member, Quavo.

Hundreds of fans who had thronged the venue were however disappointed when local police stormed the stage turning off the microphones.

According to the local police, Popcaan had flouted the set guidelines by proceeding with the concert past 5 am.

“We give you till 5 O’clock, it’s time to go” the police were heard saying.

An enraged Popcaan also tried fix the situation with singer Taurus Riley trying to reach a bargain with the law enforcers.

Music lovers further took to their social media networks to share their disappointment with how the police handled Popcaan.

Many noted that Popcaan’s concert was abruptly cut off when there are other shows which have gone past the 5 am hour mark.

This was Popcaan’s first ever ‘Unruly Fest’ since the Coronavirus pandemic.

The event’s proceeds are normally chanelled towards the underprivileged families in St. Thomas.

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Local businesses also get to thrive while selling their wares and foodstuffs to revelers.

Popcaan has had quite a good run this year. The Drake signed artist also bagged a major deal with global shoe brand maker, Clarks.

December 24, 2023

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