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Chilling video of rogue Kisumu County askaris dragging woman behind a speeding pick-up


A video of rogue Kisumu County askaris dragging a hawker with a speeding vehicle on tarmac road has caused uproar among netizens.

The video that has gone viral shows the lady being dragged from behind the pick up.

Motorbike riders with the town were seen following the cars condemning the impunity act as uncalled for.

The residents claimed that the impunity within Kisumu county government is on another level.

They further questioned why the rogue county askaris instead of taking the injured to the hospital, rushed the victim to Central police station to have the culprit detained.

This is not the first time that the Kisumu County Askaris have been involved in such atrocious acts, early this month, Kisumu Bodaboda rider Isaac Amingo Arwa recorded a statement at one of the police stations within Kisumu on 7/3/2021.

The complainant alleged that Kisumu county askari known to him assaulted him.

The complainant further claimed that he was beaten by the rogue county Askaris who found him within the CDB waiting for his wife.

When he tried to escape from them, they forced the bike down before beating him.