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Uproar As Tanzanian Celebrities Exchange Wives

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The Tanzanian entertainment industry has been thrown into confusion with mixed reactions following the revelation of famous dancer Moses Iyobo’s affair with Songstress Ruby who initially broke up with Singer Kusah whom had earlier eloped with Iyobo’s better half actress Aunty Ezekiel.

Spilling the beans was Ruby through her Instagram where she sent warm birthday wishes to the choreographer, Iyobo. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABA COOKIE NAKUPENDA SANA NA UNAJUA❤️?” Posted Ruby. Through a phone-call conversation on Wasafi T.v, Iyobo confirmed being an item with Ruby.

Bongo movie actress Aunty Ezekiel and Moses Iyobo’s past relationship bore a child same applies to Singer’s Kusah and Ruby’s affair.

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Aunty Ezekiel was the first to end her relationship with Iyobo before she teamed up with the RnB Star Kusah, they have since been blessed with a child.Many have been left wondering what prompted Iyobo to go after Ruby, was it a case of revenge or pure love? Online users were amazed with the on-goings and joined the conversation. “Watanzania tutafika mbiguni tukiwa tumechoka sana” fired one user, “Muosha huoshwa, mm nachopenda katika hayo mahusiano, ruby ana mtoto na Kusah halaf Kusah anamtoto na Aunt Ezekiel ?” Shot another user.

Before Kusah’s love to Ruby hit a dead end the pair was inseparable and gave us hits through their collaborations on the songs Nadondosha,Chelewa and Kelele.

Looking keenly on the storyline of their song ‘Nadondosha’ one wonders if the lovebirds were communicating the hardships rocking their love ship. “Oh baba siku hizi bila pesa hakuna mahaba, japo usawa unakaba leta hata kiduchu kwangu si haba, mi mwenyewe mzuri kama nini nahitaji manyenyekeo.. Ahaa yani mi ni mzuri kama nini nahitaji matunzo” sings Ruby in part of his lines,on the other hand Kusah sings of an unappreciative woman, “Mwanamke gani huna dogo kila kitu nikikupa una zogo hata kama nikikosa kidogo tuuu we unanunaaa”Sings Kusah in part of his verses.

Would you agree to swap wives, drop your views below.

By Steve Osaka


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