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  • Netizens have reacted to Willy Paul’s video picking up a female fan.
  • It’s not clear who took the video of the singer.

Netizens have reacted to a video of Willy Paul picking up a female fan from the roadside.

In the video, the Saldido boss car, a yellow Mercedes Benz is captured by the roadside with a female fan making her way to the car.

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After a few chit chat from the car’s window she hops on the car’s backseat.

Willy Paul is also captured as the man behind the steering wheel with an unidentified person at the co-driver’s seat.

Fans Reactions

With the video out, netizens have reacted creating a buzz online.

We sampled a few of them below.

“Kidogo kidogo utaskia alirapiwa…namuona anaingia mwenyewe”

“In his defense yellow ni rangi ya taxi’s labda ni ya JKIA”

“Si mnakuliwa madem huku nje”

“Ati fan bana watu si wajingaaa Pozze si ati hatumjui”

“Huyu haurumii ata vienyeji”

Willy Paul and Miss P PHOTO Courtesy


Serial Womanizer

Willy Paul has been labeled a serial womanizer for his many relationships.

The Njiwa singer is not new to controversy on his love life.

This is not the first time he is being caught off guard.

At one time, he was accused of raping his signee, Miss P.

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However, Miss P later recanted her statement announcing her new relationship with the singer.

The pair later collaborated in the highly sensual song ‘Popo’.

Like many people had prophesized, the two never lasted.

In July, Willy Paul took to his Instagram to announce that they were no longer an item.

He added that anyone was free to shoot their shots.

“Ladies, Since Miss P And Myself Are No Longer Together, I Highly Encourage You To Shoot Your Shot Now. The List Is Long. Remember, Time Waits For No Lady” he wrote.

Should celebrities have unknown cars to the public?

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