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Uproar As Willy Paul Uses Money to Wipe Sweat During Live Performance


Gospel singer Willy Paul created an online uproar after using money to wipe out sweat while performing on live television show.

The Gospel star decided to show how loaded his pockets were when he dished out bundles of cash and tossed to the audience while performing on Citizen Tvs ’10 over 10′.

After wiping his sweat with the  KSh1,000 note, the  singer gave it to a female standing near the stage.
The singer went on to ask his fans, “kuna joto eeh? …sina kitambaa lakini naeza jipanguza tu na kitu niko nayo sio?” (Its hot eeh?I don’t have a handkerchief but I can wipe the sweat with what I have, right?”

The Digiri hit maker then went on to dish out Ksh1,000 notes to the crowd asking them if they were satisfied or not.

Willis Raburu,  the show’s host, had a difficult time calming down the crowd that got too excited and kept chanting for the singer to dish out more cash.

After the interview Willy Paul threw another bundle of cash in the air, creating commotion in the studio as the live audience scrambled to grab it.

The singer revealed that the inspiration behind his new song Digiri was to disapprove the emphasis put on education as the key to success, adding that no human being needs  a degree certificate to get to heaven.