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Uproar as woman in labor is turned away from Pumwani Maternity hospital


A video showing a woman in labor outside the Pumwani Maternity hospital has caused an uproar on social media with netizens calling out the hospital’s management.

According to a tweet that has since been widely shared, the woman allegedly gave birth at the hospital’s entrance after she was turned away by the facility.

“Ng’ombe mbili zikipigana, nyasi huumia.While senate & Governors are busy fighting, women who expect services from hospitals like Pumwani are being turned away, this is not acceptable Not in 2020 Imagine when citizens have to fight to get services at a Government hospital.” read Syombua Kiue’s tweet

Under the hash tag #RespectOurMothers, netizens called out politicians who held demonstrations defending mothers for failing to speak out in light of the footage.

Services in several public hospitals had been crippled by a shutdown on county governments occasioned by the revenue sharing stalemate earlier in the week.

Nairobi Women Representative, Esther Passaris has also taken to social media to point out that the facility informed her that the incident happened back in August.

“Pumwani Hospital informs me that the incident took place a week ago, and that nurses eventually attended to mother and baby who are currently doing fine. It’s imperative that gaps in our healthcare systems are sealed, starting with grievances that lead to go-slows.” read Passaris’ tweet

The women Representative also said her office is in the process of tracking down the family to ensure their well being.

“My office is actively tracking down the family to ensure their well being. Meanwhile, I call on my fellow leaders, particularly Senators who are mandated to oversight devolved health services to address this matter with urgency. Pumwani’s gates should not have been closed.” she added