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Uproar in Mathare after Nyumba Kumi leader defiles girl

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A middle aged man has been arrested for allegedly defiling a 15 year old in Mombasa raha slums located in Mathare area one.

The man who is said to be a Nyumba Kumi leader was arrested after the parents of the 15 year old girl reported him to the police following a confession from the girl.

George Aguk, an area resident stated that the parents of the 15 year old girl had suspected the two after the minor had formed a habit of disappearing from home at night.

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“The man has been defiling the girl for quite some time. So on Friday night, the parents of the girl confronted her and demanded to know where she has been going to and that’s when she stated that she has been sleeping with the man,” said Aguk.

The man was arrested and taken to Drive Inn Police Station.

The man’s arrest later brought unrest in the area after the residents accused the police officers of trying to release without charges based on the fact that he is a Nymba Kumi leader.

“The perpetrator is an employee at the chief’s office as a Nyumba Kumi leader, this has complicated the matter but if they release the man, we will still pursue it,” said Max another resident.