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Uproar over chief stealing from community


A section of Kiambiu slums residents  are now accusing the area chief Edward Otwori of denying them relief foods with latest victims being those affected by fire two weeks ago.

According to Vincent Odinga  ,Otwori disappeared with more than two sacks of flour in the latest donation to the fire victims in Kiambiu.

Odinga says the Chief’s habit is now overwhelming and wants the government to take action against him.

‘‘We are tired of this chief who continuously disappears with what belongs to us, we can not get relief food from donors and we will not allow him to continue,’’ He lamented.

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They also accused  him of subdividing some portions of lands to his community members and close relatives and even registering them in landlord records.

‘‘His  relatives are now land owners and landlords they want to use that scheme to benefit from the government housing projects after president Kenyatta listed Kiambiu as one of the beneficiaries.’’ Odinga added.

But  Chief Otwori has vehemently denied the allegations  against him saying he is ready to produce the list of those who benefited from relief food in the latest fire tragedy where close to 146 people were affected.

‘‘Kiambiu is safe and we are well and those who have problem how the relief food was donated can come to my office and confirm.’’ He stated.