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Uproar Over Garbage Menace In Majengo Slums

Residents of Majengo in Nairobi along Meru Road have expressed their worries over the increasing pile of garbage on that road for more than one month now.

Issah Kapinga who spoke to Ghetto Radio News says that the garbage has been posing health risks to the residents living along that road.

According to Issah, they fear an outbreak of cholera with the onset of rains since the pile of garbage is not far from their doorsteps.

 “We are going to suffer in case an outbreak of illnesses like Cholera strikes especially when we experience heavy down pour,” says Issah.

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The situation of the pile of waste had covered the entire road making it inaccessible.

The challenge was temporarily remedied by the Kazi Mtaani Group who cleared portions of it.

Issah shares his worries of the worsening of their surroundings. He hopes of a permanent solution to be delivered to them by the area’s chief and the county government, since the pile keeps increasing day by day.

“The conditions here are worrying and it keeps on getting worse. The pile was almost reaching my door step but some of the garbage was at least pushed further away from our homes,” he says.

By Stella Anyango