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Uproar over Kisumu County’s move to ban burials in homesteads

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By Jacob Oluoch

A section of Kisumu residents have expressed outrage over the move by the the county government barring them from burying their love ones within the estates.

A public notice released on Tuesday barred residents of Manyatta B, Migosi, Maboloeo and five other estates from burying their loved ones in the estates.

According to the notice Muslim Cemeteries and Hindu crematoria are the official cemeteries and Crematoria for burials.

The residents now say that the notice is against  their Culture and traditions of burials.

“Luos have their culture and traditions they follow. We have life celebrations after burials which are occasionally is done annually,” said Margaret Adhiambo.

“Question is, how will we do all these after burying our love ones at Mamboleo? That place you burry today, tomorrow if you go back and check you will find the body was exhumed and new bodies buried on the same piece,” further stated the resident.

The residents also claim that the costs for the cemeteries and crematoria are too expensive for them.

“The county should review and re consider the proposed public notice. Will these costs lie upon the bereaved ? If so then it will be expensive and on my side I don’t support it,” said Margaret Adhiambo.

Kisumu county government through city manager Abala Wanga released a public notice citing mandatory sites as official cemeteries and crematoria.

The areas include Mamboleo, Muslim cemeteries and Hindu crematorium at a fee levied at sh.3000 for adults and sh.2000 for children.

Residents living in other estates like Manyatta B, Nyalenda B , Shauri moyo , Kaloleni and others are warned not to bury in un designated areas.

Any violations to the new regulation will according to the public notice amount to prosecution in court of law.

They are calling for a quick review on the same.


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