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US Woman Moves To Court After Kenyan Husband Takes Off With Child


A middle aged woman from United States of America has moved to the Milimani Courts in Nairobi seeking custody of her six year old daughter.

Emely Sarita is seeking full custody of the minor after her ex-husband Ndiritu Wachira Muriuki moved with her to Kenya without her consent.

“I came  to Kenya two weeks  ago  to pick my daughter  with the court order  from the Juvenile  court, but my Ex-husband  is now on the run, I really  need  to be with my daughter, he flew with my daughter  without  her American  passport from New  Jersey,” Emely narrates.

According to Sarita she divorced her husband in 2020 after the marriage was riddled with violence and physical assault.

“We officiated our marriage with the defendant on the 22nd March 2016  and  after  we were blessed  with a daughter. During  the union  the accused  would assault  me in the presence  of the minor  and sometimes  eject  me from the house  with minor,” reads an affidavit sworn by Emely .

The embattled husband is said  to have abducted  the minor from New Jersey  and fled to kenya.

The woman arrived in Kenya in September this year and her attempts to have access to her daughter have been futile.

“I have not met may daughter  since  I came  to Kenya, he did not come along with the daughter  and now  on the run,” Affidavit  further  reads.

She has made a passionate appeal to the former  husband  to honor  the  court  order  and produce their child.

By Rodgers Oduor


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