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Use God To Break Your Covenant With Illuminati- Mr T Tells Magix Enga


Following the recent revelation of the involvement in the dark world ‘Illuminati’ by producer cum singer Magix Enga, city preacher and rapper Anthony Mwangi popularly known as Mr T has delved into the issue advising Enga to seek God’s intervention for his deliverance.

The youthful man of God used the same online media platform earlier used by Enga, Presenter Ali’s to offer his two pieces of advice.He maintained that it’s only through prayer that Magix can break the blood covenant that he signed with the agents of darkness.

Advice ningepatia Magix Enga niliskia ameokoka, mwambie before ata arudi job kwanza ajifiche kwa Mungu fiti, hii si deal tu ati unajam na wasee unatoka aah Boss, it’s not simple, my advice would be Bro look for a covering, a serious pastor potea kwa prayer wacha God akufiche otherwise usidhani tu utaonesha mkono useme nimesave hapana ni noma hapa lazima ujifiche ndani ya Mungu… Juu ata yeye akisign hizo documents anajua nini alisign pros and cons na unaona it was a blood covenant “He stated.

Creation Of New World Order (N.W.O)

The end goal of the Illuminati is to reign supreme over the whole world.To achieve this, they have perfected the art of innitiating members, people with influence from all spheres of life in selling their agenda.

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sasa kwa kila sphere wako na watu wao, the intellects, wako na watu wame perfect governance, wako na watu wame perfect education, wako na watu wame perfect arts and entertainment so apo ndio wanaenda wanatafuta msee ako na influence… Wanakuingiza kwa covenants alafu sasa wanaanza kutumia influence yako kusell agenda yao.. End goal ni Ku control the world, ni kukuwa na one world, unaonanga the NWO(The New World Order) “He continued.

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Through Illuminati there’s also the promotion of atheism, gays and lesbianism among other vices.The ‘finje finje’ rapper warned the masses to desist from associating with the dark world. He used Kanumba the famous Tanzanian actor and Us rapper Tupac Shakur who all died mysteriously after their association with the cult.

By Steve Osaka