Stevo Simple Boy has called out his ex-lover Pritty Vishy after she posted a throwback photo of them to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Vishy shared a photo with Stevo holding flowers with a caption that read;

“To our online in-laws ata nyinyi mnaona ni Valentines day.”

Stevo politely asked his ex not to destroy his marriage.

“Usivunje ndoa yangu tafadhali. Mi nko welo welo nalishwa mapocho pocho uku siko soko niache tu.”

Stevo Introduces His ‘Wife’ At His Father’s Burial

Over the weekend, Stevo revealed that he has a wife during the burial of his late dad in Siaya.

The rapper introduced a woman to his family, claiming that she was his wife.

In a video shared by digital content creator Billy Omaset, one can hear the rapper speak about the unknown lady saying,

“Bwana asifiwe, kwa majina ni Stephen Otieno. Mimi ni kitinda mimba wa Antony Adera na nimetembea na mke wangu,” Stevo announced in a suprise moment.

The woman shyly greeted mourners and paid tribute to mzee. “Nasikia vibaya kupoteza baba mwenye alikuwa akinijali all the time, but ..” she was unable to conclude her tribute and walked away crying.

Pritty Vishy Reacts to Stevo’s Wife Reveal

Vishy reacted to the news of the wife reveal. Taking to her Instagram she posted on her stories, ‘Ask me a question’ to reveal her thoughts about his new wife.

One fan asked,‘How have you taken the news of stevo public announcement about him being married?” Vishy replied,“MARRIAGE NAJUA NI LAZIMA KUKUWE NA HARUSI KAA SI HIVYO HIO NI CME WESTAY NA HIO SI NDOA”

By Stella Anyango

February 14, 2023

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