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Vaginal Tightening, Penis Enlargement Creams On High Sales In Nairobi


By Loise Wanjiku

Thanks to the increasing body enhancing products sold in underground markets in the country, ladies now have the ability to restore their virginity if they so wish.

The products were banned by the government for containing mercury earlier this year.

Ladies have however continued to  buy them in the black markets River Road in Nairobi.

If you have passed River road in Nairobi ,chances are you are not a stranger to the hawkers advertising “Mafuta” in all manner of ways , urging passers-by to increase their behinds.

”Kifua sweetie?, Jaza trouser daddy” they beseech.

In case the term is foreign to you, “Mafuta” is code for the range of body enhancing products that transform you to a voluptuous goddess as they claim.

Fridah Wangui, a Kayole resident, says she has been using  the products to make her breasts firm.

She states that to get results you have to continuously use the products. For bigger hips and behinds , she suggests inserting the products in your  private parts as you run the risk of having asymmetrical features if you apply the products unevenly.

The products ranging from Ksh. 5,000 to Ksh. 100,000 have the ability to rejuvenate beauty ,lighten skin tone and  boost male and female sexual body parts.

Talking to Ghetto Radio ,one of the sellers explains that the products are administered in various forms such as creams ,tablets and injections

It is now possible to transform your skin tone in a snap as shown by Vera Sidika ,the Kenyan socialite or even look twenty years younger if you have the cash to spare.

If you have been wondering where  the increase in number of light skinned,  hourglass shaped babes walking around the city are coming from, then now you know.